after this past weekend’s rather anticlimactic exhibition bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., I convened this show’s production staff to attempt to determine which was the most memorable celebrity boxing encounter of all-time. ?As you would expect, there were nominations for Joey Buttafucco vs. the late Joanie “Chyna” Lauer, Manute Bol vs. William “Refrigerator” Perry, and most controversially, S-Club 7’s Hannah Spearrit vs. The Saturdays’ Vanessa White, but after several recounts, the (narrow) winner was the 1996 clash betwixt skateboarding’s Simon Woodstock and Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir. Though the fight itself is not considered a wonderful advertisement for the sport, it was commemorated with the custom skateboard shown above, recently auctioned by Southeby’s for $17milllion US??D

This week’s show does not feature interviews with Woodstock or Mike Muir because I would like to respect their privacy. There is however, some music.

Ela Orleans – Lost
Ceramicist – Losing My Cool
Quietus – Eau Dormante
Felicia Atkinson – No Fear But Anticipation
Susannah Stark – Dear Beloved Friend
Yellow6 – Ambition3
Matthew J. Rolin – Pinhole

Brainbombs – In Pain
Departure Chandelier – Life Escaping Through The Candle’s Smoke
An Interview With Monoshock
Monoshock – Mexican Dentristry
Mystic Inane – Peckerwood Nero
The Mud Hutters – All About

Metametal – Garaje Hermético
Craig Scott’s Lobotomy – War Is A Racket
This Heat, Mario Diekuuroh – This Heat Meets Mario Diekuuroh at Cold Storage
Sandy Ewen and Henry Kaiser – Mokele – Mbembe
Jacken Elswyth – Improvistion for Amplified Banjo

C. Cirocco – Commute