some will tell you Irving Pichel and Ernest B. Schoedsack’s 1932 adaptation of “The Most Dangerous Game” is the granddaddy of all HUNTING HUMANS motion pictures. Others prefer John Woo’s “Hard Target”, while some deranged individuals see the merits in the John Leguizamo comedy vehicle, “The Pest”.

With full respect to all other efforts to depict jaded, venal motherfuckers snuffing out human lives for sport, I would nominate Ernest Dickerson’s 1994 saga, “Surviving The Game” as the genre’s classic. While not nearly as original as Dickerson’s 1992 “Juice” (which for the purposes of this discussion, was not a hunting humans movie at all), STG does feature Ice-T evading the firepower of Rutger Hauer, F. Murray Abraham, Gary Busey and other grotesque caricatures of wealth/predation before exacting revenge. If only this episode could’ve feature some dialogue from the film, however, rights clearance issues once again, meant you’ve had to settle for selections from the CSTB archives.

track list :

No Safety – Opium Wars
Minimal Man – Two People
Cube – Neighbor
Unglee Izi – Les Grands Chiens / Test Amovible de L’Etrangere
Culturcide – Depressed Christmas

Razorlegs – Snake Frieze
Axebreaker – King Victim
Vapour Theories – Breaking Down (The Portals Of Hell)
Chris Brokaw – Report To An Academy
Ceramicist – Skull
Donald Miller – The New No. 2

Loula Yorke – High Streets
Akai Solo – Candor
Luc Ex – Loud Speaking People
De Kift – De Maan
Kidd Jordan, Joel Futterman and Alvin Fielder – Start Stop

Key Of Shame – Threnody For Judas Iscariot side A
Marcia Basset / Margarida Garcia – The Well (track 3)