Headlines(?) were made recently when the office fixtures of Chicago dumbshit/repository Victory Records were auctioned off to the public, but what of the treasures left behind in the warehouses of San Francisco’s Grr-r label? Though the imprint only released one title, 1990’s seminal, ‘Sebastian Speaks – Your Watchdog On A Disc’, we can only speculate what sort of incredible artifacts were up for grabs when Grr-r decided to shut their doors. Or we can do a 2+ hour podcast about it.

(On the advice of their lawyers, no one involved with Grr-r was willing to speak on the record. So I’ve had to substitute musical selections instead. Hope that’s ok with everyone).

Crom-Tech – Untitled (A1)
The Consumers – Anti, Anti, Anti
Skiftande Enheter – Några ord som rimmar med varann
The Mystery – Dead As A Can Of Corned Beef
Josephine Foster – On and On
Alessandra Novaga – I Should Have Been A Gardener
Claire Rousay – On and On
Rick Rizzo & Tara Key – Insanity Stomp

DJ Holographic / Alex Wilcox – Because Of Detroit
Speaker Music – Techno Is A Liberation Technology
Moor Mother & Billy Woods – Rock Cried
Rashied Ali & Frank Lowe – Duo Exchange Pt. I
Rome Streetz – Prophet & A Pusher
NE$$ x Baby J – Mindin’ My Own

My Heart, An Inverted Flame – The Innovation Toolkit
The Dead C – Two Songs
Sumac – The Iron Chair
Unholy Two – Cut The Music (I’m The Nightstalker)

Secret Pyramid – Flares
Jim Haynes – Electric Speech : Nadiya
Sebastian Von Willow – BARK BARK BARK