Have your holiday plans been upended by Omicron? Did your longtime sports-entertainment employer suspend you without pay for using the word “hospital” instead of “medical facility”? Has your significant other dumped all your shit on the sidewalk because you were told to never again repeat the story about riding on the same elevator with Fran Drescher and sure enough, you went and did it (possibly in your sleep)? DON’T DESPAIR — no check that, you should probably despair a fuck ton. But I’m here for you, just as I am at roughly the same time every week. Whether you wanna wallow in a thick miasma of self-pity or you’d prefer to go tubing down the RIVER OF DENIAL, I’ve got your back, at least for 2 hours. Unless you tell that Fran Drescher story again, in which case, all bets are off.
Illustration culled from Incoherent Nonsense’s 1999 demo (h/t Josh Wolf)

Claire Cronin – Not A Noise
Kirsten Ketsjer – Mrs. Johnson
Kath Bloom – Long Way To Go Home
Michael Beach – I Never Had Enough Time With You
Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets – Mimosas
Sweet Inspirations – Sometimes Ken Is
E – Apiaries Near Me
Terry Funk – We Like To Rock
The Escalation – Complications Of Geometry
Early Drinker – Fuck Every Last One Of You
Juanjose Rivas – 17”48’N
Lolina – Mark Ronson’s TED Talk (Using Computer Remix)
Lesser – Compound Fracture, For Starters
Tim Dahl – F For Conduct
Dietrichs – Things No One Should Know How To Do
Incoherent Nonsense – 1999 Demo