(Editor’s Note : A panel of exactly one person under inhuman degreees of pressure was convened to compile the list shown below ; CSTB’s former contributors are either working on their new careers as YouTube cranks or they’re at some digital gallery preparing to launch Battalion Of Saints NFT’s)

As in past years, projects from labels that either pay the CSTB bandwidth bill or directly contribute to the thorough neglect of CSTB are ineligible. A version of this list was previously published somewhere that generates real traffic ; If you’re seeing it for the second time, you only have yourself to blame (though I suppose you could blame me, too, though i’d prefer you not do so – GC)

The Notwist – Vertigo Days (Morr Music)
Saint Abdullah – To Live Ala West (Important)

Madam Data – The Gospel Of The Devourer (PTP)
Gudrun Gut & Mabe Fratti – Let’s Talk About The Weather (Umor Rex)

Leda – Covid “Music ” I Made With My Guitar (Knotwilg)
The Bug – Fire (Ninja Tune)
Rosali – No Medium (Spinster)
GG King – Remain Intact (Total Punk)
Michael Beach – Dream Violence (Goner)
Patrick Shiroishi – Staying Human / Luke Stewart – Works For Pioneer Works (Profane Illumination)
billy woods / Moor Mother – BRASS (Backwoodz Studios)
Skogar – Paradise City Jams (Studio Barnhus)
Chris Corsano/ Bill Orcutt – Made Out Of Sound (Palilalia)
Astute Palate – s/t (Petty Bunco)
Senyawa – Alkisah (Phantom Limb)

Emily Robb- Learning To Moonwalk (Petty Bunco)
FACS – Present Tense (Trouble In Mind)

Powers/Rolin Duo – Strange Fortune (Astral Editions)
Soft Shoulder – Formerly On Fluorescent Paper (Gilgongo)
Patrick Shiroishi – Hidemi (American Dreams)
Container – Creamer (Drone)
Lucy Miller & The Dog Roses – s/t (Soleils Bleus)
Endless Boogie – Admonitions (No Quarter)
Various – We Live In Strange Times (Spacecase)
Derek Monypeny – The Hand As Dealt (2182)
Claire Rousay – A Softer Focus (American Dreams)
Rob Noyes – Arc Minutes (VDSQ)

Model Home – Both feet en th infinite (Don Giovanni)
The Weather Station – Intolerance (Fat Possum)
Claire Rousay – 17 Roles (All Mapped Out) (Shelter Press)
Tcheser Holmes – The T Is Silent (Black Science Fiction)
Model Home + Saint Abdullah – Invasive Inclinations (PTP)
Unda Fluxit – Stone Ringing Sorrows (ever/never)
Matthew J. Rolin – The Dreaming Bridge (Feeding Tube)
Armand Hammer / The Alchemist – Haram (Backwoodz Studioz)
Kuzu – All Your Ghosts In One Corner (Aerophonic)
CIA Debutante – Dust (Siltbreeze)

small screen 2021 : Sally Carmen, Kate Winslet, Eddie Kingston,
big screen 2021 : “Fire Music : The Story Of Free Jazz” (director, Tom Surgal)

people playing music in person list :

GG King, Railgarten, Memphis

Able Noise, Cafe Oto, London

Mourning [A} BLKStar Far Out Lounge, Austin

Chronophage, a barn, October

Malcolm Mooney & The Eleventh Planet, Union Pool, Brooklyn

Uniform, Elysium, Austin