As we come to the end of 2020, i can share with you my most ambitious project to date — an attempt to create a modern equivalent of Fredrick Wiseman’s “Titicut Follies” for the podcast medium, this time addressing the plight of unredeemed download codes, all piled to the ceiling in the most dire of living conditions. Repeated tries at getting executives from Bandcamp,, dropcards and A To Z Media to speak on the record were stonewalled, so not for first time, I’ve had to resort to an all-music program. Maybe 2021 will be easier —I doubt it.

12/30/20 tracklist :

Circle X – Heartbreaker
Richard Rose – Groovy Goes Blank
Goldsmith – Life Is Killing Me
Greymouth – Bay Tripper
Still House Plants – September
Rattle – The Rocks

Glass Salt – What Would You Say
Call Super – Mouth Bank Bed
Golem Mecanique – Face A (from Nona, Decima et Morta)
Dea Karina / Furchick – Storm Before The Calm
Valentina Magaletti, Steve Beresford, Pierpaolo Martino – Energetic Binge

10000 Elektrovolt – Two MS10 Video Korfball
Bergonist – Don’t Have Babies
P. Cain – Flap
Psyche Nah – Pendulum (feat. $paceking416)
Beheading x knifedoutofexistence – On The Waves Of Love

Lost Trail – Overwintering
Eli Winter – Dark Light
Sam Shalabi – Trace
Eleanor Cully – Lark In The Clear Air