Of the graphic commercials for 1984’s “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, the late Gene Siskel famously declared, ““the showing of Santa with an axe on free TV in commercials is sick, and sleazy, and mean-spirited.” However, one might argue it was absolutely necessary. I’ made such an argument on this week’s show, however TriStar Pictures — a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment — ignored my reasonable requests to use dialogue from “Silent Night, Deadly Night” and as such, we’ve had to opt for 2 hours of music. Merry fucking christmas, indeed.

L/F/D/M – House Music
Moist 96 – 27th Ave. Hardcore
REQ – Crack
DJ Overdose – Turns out Eddy Has No Friends
Cement Tea – Jumping From High Places Can Hurt
Sofehso – 0108

Matthew J. Rolin – There Is No Light & The Tunnel Has No End
Alula Down – Three Ravens
Joseph Allred – Generations Will Spring
Busted Statues – Heart Upside Down?

Public Acid – No Revival
Mystic Inane – Death Of A Disco Spiv
GG King – Remain Intact
Manas – We Torched The Bankcards
Ill Considered – The Stroke, Take 1
Arthur Doyle – Battle Of Jericho

Susana López – Huldra
Loren Chasse – Pt. II (From ‘The Sudden Floor’)?=