CSTB’s affiliate under the Cumbucket Media umbrella, 12XU, is releasing a label compilation LP to mark Record Store Day 2012. Bring Beer (12XU 036-1) includes 15 new recordings from Cruddy, The Golden Boys, Chris Brokaw, James Arthur’s Manhunt, The Flesh Lights, Naw Dude, Carolee, Marriage, Philip Sambol, Followed By Static, Nazi Gold, G.Green, Rhett And Dean and hotly tipped rape gaze duo Air Traffic Controllers.  All profits from this exercise are earmarked for Austin, TX’s Trailer Space Records, a combination record store/clubhouse/rehearsal space/all-ages venue whose smoke-filled ambiance is in stark contrast to many of the nation’s other indie retailers, some of whom seem fixated on action figures, nesting dolls and bacon flavored-mints.  I have nothing against action figures, nesting dolls or bacon flavored-mints.  But I am by nature, very sympathetic to those record stores who actually care about evangelizing, pushing and playing quality music,  and try hard to cater to my degenerate brothers and sisters who prioritize the hunting and gathering over all other pursuits.  Not just on Record Store Day, but all the goddamned time.  This record isn’t for the voyeurs and ambulance chasers, it’s for the rest of us who actually give a fuck.

I’m pretty happy with ‘Bring Beer”s musical contents, but it’s less about promoting the label (for starter’s that’s hopeless, also, a number of the bands do not record for 12XU) and more to do with offering something fun on RSD for those of us who don’t give a fuck about 311 singles or reissues of ancient records we could just as easily find in the used bin for a fraction of the price.

Given that this comp. directly addresses the near-extinction of stores like Trailer Space, I was hopeful the folks at Record Store Day would be kind enough to include the album in their official listings. No such luck.  An RSD representative, though exceedingly polite, let me know that deadlines had long expired for such an inclusion, despite the fact 12XU’s distributors have been soliciting this title for some time.

I’m not suggestion for a moment that RSD has a vested interest in ignoring stores like Trailer Space, or that 12XU’s lowly status on the rock biz totem pole had anything to do with the comp. being ignored in favor of countless other bullshit releases.  I mean, rules are rules, right?  What kind of society are we living in if rules aren’t observed, 100% of time, regardless of the common good? What possible harm would it have done what’s left of the music industy or RSD’s participating stores if ‘Bring Beer’ had been listed, even as late as today, tomorrow or Monday?  A store might think of ordering it?  Persons scanning RSD’s official list might be compelled to look for it?   That would be catastrophic, and RSD’s unwillingness to budge from their stated policy is completely understandable.  I wish their entire organization the best of luck on April 21, and shall in the future try to remember that their time and energy is a thousand times more valuable than mine or that of the bands who contributed to ‘Bring Beer’.

As for Trailer Space, well, it would appear Spot Long is not on RSD’s radar.  That his store plays a more active, get-your-hands-dirty role in supporting the creative community than anyone else in a region that’s allegedly a hotbed for musical growth, apparently counts for nothing. If that bothers you, even just a little bit, please visit the place whatever day you feel like it.   Trailer Space will have ‘Bring Beer’ on their shelves Saturday, April 21, as will Austin’s End Of An Ear, Austin’s Waterloo Records, New Orleans’ Euclid Records, Memphis’ Goner Records, Chicago’s Permanent Records and Eagle Rock, CA’s Permanent as well.  Probably a few other stores, too.