For Bayou football fans, this might take the sting off Reggie Bush’s Joe Pisarcik moment. From The Times-Picayune’s Ted Lewis :

Fox is attempting to maintain the mystery, but the word is out.

LSU will be playing Ohio State in the BCS Championship Game Jan. 7 in the Superdome.

Sugar Bowl committee members were getting word Sunday afternoon that all polls and computer results were in, and that the Buckeyes and Tigers had finished 1-2 in the final BCS standings.

Also, Georgia will play undefeated Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl in Jan. 1 as New Orleans plays host to two of college football’s premier events in a week’s span.

Earlier today, the AP reported Texas (9-3) will play Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl on December 27. Holiday Bowl executive director Bruce Binkowski described the Longhorns as “a BCS-caliber team”, which either speaks to the very confused state of things at the end of college football’s regular season, or a very subtle sense of humor.