….besides the guy whose wife was limo’d to the Bon Jovi concert.  Rolling Stone’s angel dusty profile of embattled former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez (“The Gangster In The Huddle”, was co-authored by notorious plagiarist / serial Belichick-baiter Ron Borges of the Boston Herald, and as you might expect, the Hooded Casanova fared poorly in the article. While admitting that “much of the feature is outstanding,” Boston Sports Media’s Bruce Allen considers the contributions of Borges and collaborator Paul Solotaroff easy to identify (“You can tell precisely where Borges’ takes over the narrative (the stoop-to-conquer Patriots of Bill Belichick) and when he gives it up. It’s not a smooth transition at all”).

By adding Borges to the story, someone with an axe to grind against the franchise, and who left the Boston Globe under a cloud (shouldn’t that have been a RED FLAG?) undermines the effectiveness of the feature.

Question: What does the Boston Herald think about this? How could they not even get an exclusive excerpt out of the fact that their writer was working on this? How can they not be pissed?