Given that prior J.R. Smith’s prior summers behind the wheel of an automobile have led to lose of life and his own incarceration, we oughta be thrilled the free agent recently organized a 2am Manhattan bicycle ride for 2o of his fansThe Newark Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro calls the stunt, “either a weird byproduct of Smith’s irrepressible charisma, or merely an inspired mobilization of twitter pals who share his spontaneity and insomnia.”

(photo taken from The Windy Apple)

“That was my idea,” the Millstone native and St. Benedict’s Prep product said. “It was kind of random — we ended up buying these folding bikes in Miami, and my brother was like, ‘We should ride them in the city.’ And I said, ‘Let’s ride tonight.’ So I put it on Twitter, and soon enough, people started showing up.”

Right. But 2 a.m.?

“I have trouble sleeping, so … why not exercise, you know?” he figured. “I didn’t think that many people would be up at that time. I know New York never sleeps, but I thought these people on Twitter would sleep.”