“It’s funny,” writes DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg “when you get an e-mail with a subject line reading ‘Manute Bol Takes on the Candidates in Iowa,’ you figure it’s gonna contain nothing but hilarity and photos of Manute Bol wearing an Abraham Lincoln hat.”

Then, when you read the e-mail, it turns out that Manute Bol is actually holding a press conference and rally on the west steps of the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines on Tuesday afternoon, while joined by hundreds of Sudanese U.S. citizens, who will be demanding the Presidential candidates address atrocities in Darfur and throughout Sudan. Among their questions:

What would you do to end the genocide in Darfur?

Should the U.S. deal with the Government of Sudan by segmenting Darfur, Southern Sudan, Nubia etc. as separate and isolated matters, or with Sudan as a whole?

Actually, Bol’s an old hand at this kind of thing — most of his public stunts over the years (KO’ing the Fridge, putting on skates for minor league hockey) were with the express purpose of raising loot or awareness about events in the Sudan.

I eagerly await the results of Tuesday’s activity, mostly ‘cuz if I continue reading this I’ll be laughing too hard to get any work done next week.