…but much to my surprise and delight, Kevin Mitchell emerged from the stands, not unlike Peter Gabriel during his 1980 tour in support of his 3rd solo album. Note to Mitch : next time you’re invented to a major function, TAKE THE NEW ERA SIZE TAG OFF THE HAT. You’re welcome.

Doug Sisk, as expected, made an appearance. What, you thought he’d have something better to do? There’s no truth to the rumor the Red Sox are trying to find a uniform that will fit him for tomorrow night.

No disrespected intended to track-shoe obsessed “funnyman” Don Imus, but I really don’t think Tim Teuful resembles John Mark Karr in the slightest.

It’s official : Howard Johnson has now received the loudest ovation of any of his public appearances, before or after retirement. It’s the public’s way of acknowledging that being Jose Offerman’s hitting coach is a tough, tough job.

In all seriousness, during an age in which the crosstown rivals cannot emphasize their championship heritage (some might say birthright) at every available opportunity, this was one of those rare occasions where the Mets organization had something substantial to crow about. And to think they did so with Howie Rose filling in for Joe Piscopo as M.C.!