“I was kinda fond of the the Ramones,” chuckled Gary Cohen, upon noticing that someone in the Shea stands (a young relative perhaps?) was paying tribute.

“Did you ever see the Ramones at CBGB in their day?” enquired Ron Darling.

“I did,” replied Cohen.

(long pause)

What followed next was a brief discussion that implied Bill Webb was a peeping tom (!), then a shot of a guy running around the upper deck waving a Mets flag with a crutch for a pole (“he parked in a handicapped spot” surmised Cohen).

If this is the kind of back-and-forth we’re getting during a close game a close game at the time on April 9, imagine what the August blowouts will be like?

If anyone likes to keep track of, y’know, arcane stats, Jimmy Rollins’ team-to-beat are now 1-6.