I think this is slightly Sports Utility Vehicle-phobic. From The Toronto Star’s Allan Ryan. (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Aaron Hill (top) and Russ Adams (bottom), the Blue Jays’ young second base/shortstop combination, were surprisingly “married” ” the surprise being entirely theirs ” in a team-building prank yesterday orchestrated by pitchers Roy Halladay and A.J. Burnett.

The mock nuptials, which were fully catered and included wedding gifts, were retaliation for a stunt Hill and Adams pulled a couple of weeks back. Noting that Halladay had a new training buddy in Burnett, the two had T-shirts printed featuring the two ace starters and with reference to “Brokeback Mound” ” a play on the movie Brokeback Mountain.

Adams and Hill knew revenge was in the air when a plane circled the field during yesterday morning’s stretch towing a sign that read: “Aaron, will you marry me? I love you. Russ.”

On reaching the clubhouse, Adams and Hill walked in on a catered affair. In the parking lot, Hill’s SUV was festooned with blue and white balloons and signs, some of which can even be printed here. The best: “Watch us turn two later tonight.”

“They didn’t miss anything,” said Adams, wedding cake still in his hair. “They had a deejay, a freakin’ videographer or whatever you call it, a fondue pot, gifts … well, gag gifts.

“We spent maybe one-hundredth of what they must’ve spent.”

Asked what he thought Halladay and Burnett spent, Adams said: “Enough to let you know not to mess with them again.”