Unless and until disgraced equipment manager Charlie Samuels chooses to break his silence to Paul Lukas, Uni Watch’s interview with Lynn Farrell, aka Mrs. Met, will have to stand as the Amazin’ Scoop of Mid-2011.  It’s a tale of mascot romance (Farrel’s boyfriend played the part of Mr. Met), possible tax evasion and sexual harassment years before Steve Phillips arrived on the scene.

UW: What was your work schedule like?
LF: Once school let out, I worked every home game during the summer. I’d go out on the field with Mr. Met. We’d stand together for the national anthem. And then we’d walk through the stands and sign autographs during the 5th and 7th innings. I got paid $100 cash in an envelope for every game. That was a major amount of money. I already had a job at McDonald’s, and it would take me a whole week to make $65 at that. So this was so much better. Plus we got all the hot dogs we could eat! And soda too.
UW: And they would literally hand you an envelope of cash? That’s so Mafia! Was Mr. Met paid the same amount as you?
LF: Yes, we got the same.
UW: Wow, so you were striking a blow for gender equality and pay equity. When you went around signing autographs, did you talk to fans?
LF: No. We were told not to talk.
UW: What if a fan asked you something?
LF: You just shook your head yes or no. I kinda stopped going through the stands, because guys were grabbing my legs.
You couldn’t really see out of that big head, so you’d feel someone on your leg but you couldn’t see it, and I’d have to turn my whole body and hold the head to look down — it was a little rough. Later on, I often wondered what happened to Mrs. Met, and maybe they just thought it was easier not to have to deal with all that stuff that I dealt with.