If the pen Allen Iverson used to sign his one-year contract with the Sixers is worth $160 or more, surely Kleenex from yesterday’s emotional press conference are worth at least $200? Amongst those unlikely to bid for the above item is Memphis owner Michael Heisley, who tells 3 Shades of Blue, “I wanted Allen back in the league. I wanted Allen to play in this league. If he can’t play for us I want him to play for somebody else.”

In the 2nd game (since Iverson’s return from a hamstring injury), if I remember correctly, he played 25 minutes and he scored 17 points. Now he went to the press and started bitching about not being the starter. I think he was being a little ridiculous to think he could be put out there after he’s coming off that leg injury and be the starter and that he had earned it like he said he wanted to do.

Lionel then had a meeting with him and the team; with all of the stuff that was going on around the team and Allen was very upset. I was in the Middle East when this took place and I flew for 29 hours and when I got home I heard there was a problem and I flew out to the West Coast. Lionel and I met with Allen and I thought things were going to be straightened out.

He came to me that night and said he had a problem at home that he had to take care of, which I believed to be true and I still do believe, and I told him to take as much time as he needed to take care of his personal problem and so he left.

I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days. Then I heard he was thinking of retiring. I talked to his agent and his agent told me that he was thinking of retiring, and that he didn’t think it was a good idea. I said I didn’t think it was either, and I hoped he would come back. Then we heard that he is going to come back. Then at the last minute Allen announced he was retiring. I told his agent, Leon Rose, I don’t want Allen to retire. I think that what we ought to do is have what is called a divorce, because this will allow Allen to play with anybody he wants and he won’t have to clear waivers. So he said that that was very nice Mr. Heisley.