If Wednesday’s 67 point rout of Alcorn State in Men’s hoops wasn’t enough to distract the University Of Kansas community from Mark Mangino‘s all-but-certain dismissal, perhaps the following item about freshman F Thomas Robinson, aka “Shaq-Rob”, will do the track.  From the Lawrence World Journal’s Jesse Newell :

Robinson said assistant coach Danny Manning came up with moniker ” a reference to NBA standout Shaquille O™Neal™s notoriously bad free-throw shooting ” on KU™s bench. Teammates soon followed along.

œI™ve never shot that bad before. I don™t remember shooting that bad. But tonight was horrible: three for 11, Robinson said of his free-throw effort in KU™s 98-31 victory over Alcorn State. œThat won™t happen any more.

ollowing his 3-for-11 performance Wednesday, Robinson is just 13-for-30 (43.3 percent) from the free-throw line this season.

œCoach (Self) said we™re going to get in the gym and work on that, Robinson said. œThat™ll be the last time ya™ll will see that.

And also, Robinson hopes, it™s the last time he has to hear his nickname as Shaq-Rob.

He™ll knock down the free throws, KU freshman Elijah Johnson said with a grin. œThat name will disappear in a couple of days.