Of the Giants’ proposed one-year, $1 million deal, INF Edgar Renteria told ESPN Deportes, “to play for a million dollars, I™d rather stay with my private business and share more time with my family.” Keep in mind, that’s a translated version, but assuming the quote is accurate, Bugs & Cranks’ Tyler Maas cannot help but proclaim, “Seriously, what a dick!”

Does he not realize he played in fewer than half of San Francisco™s games last season? Can he not process the fact that his 22 RBI and 67 hits had almost as much impact on the Giants title run as œThe Machine did? If I™m Edgar Renteria, I™m taking the $1M. I™m feeling fortunate that a defending champion franchise is even willing to consider me ANY part of its 2011 plans. I™m probably thanking some weird-ass Colombian-based deity that evidently nobody realizes exactly how awful I™ve become at playing baseball for a living. I stop using awkwardly-phrased terminology like œa total disrespect. If I™m Edgar Renteria, I re-sign.

But he won™t. He™ll huff and puff (and continue to age) while widening the rift between himself and the actually good team that™s foolish enough to want to pay him in American currency instead of Werther™s Original hard candies. Then he™ll play for the A™s or something on a minor league deal offered to him in March or he™ll retire out of pride and everybody will forget about him, thus tarnishing a once-solid career. And I will laugh.

Latrell Sprewell was unavailable for comment.