This afternoon’s Braves/Phillies game was washed out, denying the kind, forgiving patrons at CBP the opportunity to boo the fuck out of Brett Myers with his mom in attendance, writes the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jim Salisbury.

His mother just hopes the full Philadelphia treatment includes a little compassion and a lot of forgiveness.

“I’d like them to look at Brett as a kid who made a mistake and give him a second chance,” Jan Myers said yesterday. “Give him a chance to redeem himself and show you he is a good guy.”

Jan Myers did not seek an interview – numerous requests were made – and she spoke only for a few moments by telephone.

But in those few minutes she said enough that might just get you thinking that, yes, her son, husband to Kim, father to daughter Kylie and son Kolt, is worthy of a second chance in Philadelphia.

“Brett loves his family,” she said. “He loves his wife.”

She paused.

“He’s a good dad,” she said, laughing. “Even if he won’t play with dolls.”

I do hope that Salibury, being a fair minded guy and all, will go to similar lengths to put a human face on other men accused of punching their wives in the face — though I have no idea if Bobby Cox’s mom wishes to be interviewed.

The Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes raised the possibility of a trade involving Julian Tavares and the Rockies’ Ray King. The ever-so-blunt Tavares described his performances to date in a Red Sox uniform as “chicken shit”, and while Alex Gonzalez hasn’t been much help this afternoon, the filthy-capped reliever was reliably diabolical against the Mariners.