Can’t Stop the Bleeding is devoted to posts that contain quotes from articles that take up 3/4 of the entire post, indignation at other sports blogs, and an unhealthy fascination with dead people. It’s a great example of providing nothing and whining about everyone else not playing fair.

As you might expect, I take great exception to the above claims.

a) some of the posts contain quotes from articles that take up 100% of the post.

b) re : “indignation at other sports blogs” Not nearly so much, I think. The percentage of such sites that are covered favorably here by far outnumbers the handful that have been dissed. But it is somewhat curious that a blogger whose idea of originality is repeatedly slagging off the same sports media household names that every other fucking blog on the planet is dumping on, is so baffled by an “unprovoked attack.”

c) “an unhealthy fascination with dead people.” I think most medical experts would insist that Scott Weiland and Tom Sizemore are very much alive.

(just because the parts still work, we don’t require a demonstration, thank you)

It’s also kind of funny to see CSTB characterized, even jokingly as a spam factory considering the accuser’s history of carpet bombing blogs with more traffic than his own (ie. any) with snoozy commentary and links to his own thoroughly generic site. Magically, when said links were deleted (if you want an ad, motherfucker, pay for it), his contributions vanished as well.

Of course, it would be very much in character for the jilted party to pronounce CSTB as “boring” after having left substantial evidence of his or her frequent vists. But far be it for me to suggest this desperate dolt’s efforts are as uncredible as they are unreadable. After all, we’re only supposed to criticize famous people who are unlikely to ever see this.