I hate to say it, but there’s every chance that San Diego’s Gold Glove winning center fielder may have sustained serious cranial damage when he collided with Carlos Beltran in August of ’05 (shown above). From the San Diego Union Tribune’s Tom Krasovic.

œThis is my opportunity to vouch for Dusty Baker, an excited Cameron told San Diego reporters. œI’m vouching for him. I’ve always loved Dusty Baker, been a big Dusty Baker fan.

Had NL voters given a Gold Glove to a left fielder, Padres teammate Dave Roberts would have been the choice, Cameron said. œIf I had to give mine away, I’m giving it to Dave Roberts, he said. œThat’s how I feel about the defense he played out there.

The Padres apparently will allow Roberts to leave them in free agency

Hiring Baker, Cameron said, would bring the club a superb communicator, a leader who œgets the most out of players, a former Braves teammate of Henry Aaron’s who overcame athletic barriers as well as racial slurs.

œI know this guy is a good dude, said Cameron, who has never played under Baker. œI would love to play for him.

While the Padres outfielder is certainly entitled to his opinion, I would not discount the possibility that Krasovic has been fooled by the notorious Mike Cameron Impersonator.