From the Associated Press :

Alex Rodriguez is unhappy with organizers of the World Baseball Classic for the way they handled his decision to play for the United States instead of the Dominican Republic.

The New York Yankees third baseman took issue with reports that he vacillated between playing for the Americans and the Dominicans.

“Just to make it clear, I only spoke once and then I spoke again three months later,” Rodriguez said Monday after reporting to spring training. “All the garbage in between was major league baseball. I didn’t go back and forth. I said once I wasn’t playing, and then at the end I said, ‘So OK, I am playing.'”

Rodriguez wouldn’t identify any officials he spoke with, opting to say only “central baseball.”

Later in the same report ;

Rodriguez is eligible to play for both nations because he was raised in the United States and his parents are Dominican.

“It was tough … on me, to be honest with you,” Rodriguez said. “I can remember in December sitting in my house, and my mom and my wife having a debate for two hours about it.

So if I’m to understand correctly, A-Rod didn’t go “back and forth”, but he did have a two hour debate with his mom and wife about which national side to play for. And Pedro Martinez claims to have been privy to such a chat.

So that’s already 3 people who had some knowledge of Rodriguez’ indecision. None of whom can be described as “central baseball”.