What with the recent sordid allegations concerning the conduct of Mets clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels — you can add providing lodging to the suspended Francisco Rodriguez to the pile —- 7 Train To Shea’s Matt Pignataro can be excused for  soliciting dirt from “a former retired head clubhouse manager from an AL West team.”  Unless you’re surprised to learn Manny Ramirez was a) a big tipper or b) likely to guzzle vodka and cranberry juice as part of his pregame ritual, the following will have to pass for an interesting revelation ;

Before MLB had cracked down on clubhouse accessibility, A-Rod had a kid straight out of college, as former clubhouse manager summed up to me as,  œSomeone who would basically tell Rodriguez, how good he was, how he was the best, and etc. Almost like a personal assistant.

Lest you believe the employment of a personal ego-stroker is unprecedented in the big leagues, please remember the Yankees have long paid someone to perform similar services for Derek Jeter. And who amongst us will claim Suzyn Waldman hasn’t done an excellent job?