It wasn’t all hook & ladder plays and proposing to cheerleaders at the Fiesta Bowl last night, as Tim Cook writes, “Don’t know if you weathered Thom Brennaman and those ugly Bronco unis long enough to see Boise St.’s wildly entertaining victory over the Sooners last night, but let us have a thought for J.R. Simplot on this day of celebration.”

From Tuesday’s Idaho Statesman :

Billionaire J.R. Simplot, Idaho’s wealthiest citizen, was injured in a fall Monday night outside the University of Phoenix Stadium following the Fiesta Bowl and was operated on that night in a Phoenix hospital.

Simplot, according to J.R. Simplot Co. spokesman Fred Zerza, fell from a scooter he was using and hit his head on the pavement.

œThey were going to be picked up by a vehicle and were waiting for it when he turned and the scooter flipped him offl, Zerza said today.

The Simplot Co. is one the largest agribusiness companies in the world. Forbes Magazine estimated Simplot™s worth last year at $2.6 billion. Simplot™s wealth allowed him to bankroll the start-up of Micron Technology Inc.

Adds Tim, “on the bright side, at 98, Simplot has Gerry Ford and William Burroughs beat by a mile.”