From Reuters :

If you want to get rid of troublemaking youths, play them some Cliff Richard songs, a funfair has found.

According to bosses from Carter’s Steam Fair, playing tracks such as “Living Doll” by the 66-year-old pop veteran on all their rides was enough to scare off some “hoodies” and other troublemakers who had descended on the fair last Saturday in north London.

“It was amazing, just like a scene from (the film) ‘Mars Attacks’ when the aliens were driven away by the sounds of Slim Whitman,'” said the fair’s Seth Carter in a statement to Reuters.

“From now on if we do have any trouble we have found the perfect deterrent and it comes in the shape of the Peter Pan of Pop.”

If Sir Cliff’s the Peter Pan Of Pop, where does that leave Michael Jackson?

I saw an interview with Richard a number of years ago where he credited his physical fitness on never having eaten lunch. Well, that and tennis. But that’s pretty serious stuff, even compared to Michael Jordan claiming he’s never tried salmon.

In any event, I’m glad the carnys of the world have finally found a way to deal with young hoodlums like the one shown above.