The Mets released P Chan Ho Park the other day (thanks to Maura for the link I neglected to mention) and at least one global media observer is taking the matter awfully seriously. From’s “End Of Glory For Chan Ho Park?”

Should he look for a new team? Head for Japan? Or go back to Korea to spend the rest of his baseball career in Korea� after 14 years of playing baseball in America? Many people are interested in the future plans of Park Chan-ho (34), a senior member of the Korean Force who was kicked out of minor league baseball yesterday.

Some say that it was Park who asked the Mets to release him. That is because the team’s decision came a day after Park pitched very well, leading his team to victory as the team’s fourth pitching option in a match against the Anaheim Angels’ Salt Lake Bees. In 7 and 3/2 innings, he only allowed 1 run.

As Park’s desire to stay in the majors is so strong, he may look for another team he can play for. However, some say that he may go to play in Japan, as it would be easier for him to adjust to the new environment with the help of his Korean-Japanese wife. The possibility of Park coming back to Korea cannot be ruled out, either. Song Gyu-soo, the chief of the Hanwha team that drafted Park, said, we won’t do anything for the time being because we don’t want to provoke him. We will just wait and see what decision he will make.