“I’m rooting against Josh David Booty ever playing,” admitted Jim Souhan in this morning’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “because Chris Berman would be so gleeful about the pun possibilities attached to Booty’s name that Berman might have a heart attack.”  Souhan followed with, “on second thought, I now have a reason to root for John David Booty.”

Thus kicked off a lengthy thread at the venerable Sports Journalists.com message board, in which the wisdom, if not the wit in wishing a heart attack upon Mr. Berman was discussed.  It’s not the most fascinating debate to take place at SJ, but contributor FaceDownPirates came up with what should be the last word on the subject :

On the Internet, I might wish for someone to be curbed, American History X style. Print, I think a 24-hour flu is appropriate. In person, the furthest I would go is a charley horse.