The Portland Blazers are crying poorhouse, they’re looking for a tax break and won’t discount the possibilty of moving.

Blazers’ owner Paul Allen, most recently treated like a hero by the national media for his stewardship of the Seattle Seahawks, fails to escape the wrath of True Hoops’ Henry Abbott.

Paul Allen seems like a smart guy, and an interesting guy, but clearly he’s not someone who knows how to run a successful businnes, despite starting with the advantage of billions upon billions.

He’s like an NBA player who negotiates a massive long-term contract, and then gets bitter as hell in its final years because it seems like they could have done better. Should have thought of that when you signed in the first place! The Rose Garden contract sucks? Who created it? The fans don’t love the team? They loved it before you came along.

My feelings about Allen are complex. I have loved having a hobbyist owner lavish excessive millions upon the team, the great sugardaddy spoiling us all rotten with lottery picks all those years. But his part-time passion, his being based in another city (or on a yacht), his billionaire’s recluse, his weird fraternizing with the likes of Geena Davis, and his non-take-charge attitude that allowed all sorts of shoddiness–those are enough straws on this camel’s back that I just simply won’t tolerate any whining from this guy.

Paul Allen, you don’t like owning the team? Sell it. You like owning the team? Then stop whining, roll up your sleeves, and fix it.