Perhaps I’m an unfit person to weigh in the following, given that on most occasions, I’d sooner listen to Eddie Trunk discuss who he’d rescue if Bruce Kullick and Rudy Sarzo were both drowning and he could only save one than hear Mr. High-Far-Gone and Lady Oh My Goodness Gracious ruin what might be an otherwise entertaining baseball game. That said, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman reports the dulcet tones John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman might become a thing of the past if WCBS ceases to be the Yankees’ radio broadcast outlet.

The station’s “exclusive” negotiating window closed in April, allowing other outlets such as ESPN-1050 and WRXP-FM to make their pitches. Yankees suits are pondering their options, which could include the team taking its radio rights in-house and doing its own thing. Bombers brass may not have received final offers from these media companies.

Still, the situation doesn’t prevent team officials from giving Sterling and Waldman a vote of confidence. No matter who winds up purchasing the radio rights, the Yankees will retain the right to veto any voice proposed by a radio outlet. That’s how George Steinbrenner controlled the radio and TV booths, even before he launched his own Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network.

It’s not as if we haven’t heard this all before. But once October arrives, and the stakes rise, will the possibility of this being their last rodeo penetrate the collective psyche of Ma and Pa? And could the emotions rise to the surface and affect their calls?

Something like: “You know Suzyn, the Yankees have the bases loaded and are on the verge of history. Who cares. I could be high…far…and gone next season.”

Or how about this: “Jawn, I haven’t been this scared since I was caught in that earthquake at Candlestick Park.”