Voices coming from my television, radio, and strangely, my smoke detector, are reporting the Sacramento Kings have relieved Rick Adelman of his coaching duties.

The Sacramento Bee’s Marty McNeal doesn’t think much of Adelman’s treatment, nor is he convinced that Kings ownership will find what they’re looking for elsewhere.

Here’s a guarantee that goes to Joe, Gavin, Phil, George, Colleen and Mama Maloof: Should you not re-sign Adelman, his replacement will make moves that drive you just as crazy. They might not be the same moves, but all coaches make decisions and have to live with them.If the Maloofs really want to make a run at a championship – and their desire always has seemed legitimate – they’ll give president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie the financial freedom to do what he feels best can get the Kings there.

Here’s another guarantee: The coach who was paid $10 million this season by the Los Angeles Lakers and Adelman, who was paid approximately one-third as much, finished their seasons one day apart. And one of those coaches didn’t have a 3-1 lead in a playoff series.

Earlier this week, Sactown Royalty’s TZ opined of Adelman,

He is so completely hands-off that he costs his team a couple wins a season, and possibly more. Just look at this team pre-Artest. No leadership on the floor, no leadership from the bench. Look at Game 2, when he was thoroughly outcoached. (However, he pretty much held his own the rest of the way. It wasn’t jaw-dropping coaching, but it was nice.)

I’m getting the feeling that there’s no way Geoff Petrie is blowing this team up. That tough series against the defending champs was probably enough to ensure another go with a similar squad next season.