As rumors continue to swirl surrounding Terry Porter and the vacant Portland head coaching position, Sacramento’s Rick Adelman is annoyed that he was denied the opportunity to contend for said spot. From the Portland Tribune :

Sacramento Kings basketball operations chief Geoff Petrie recently denied Trail Blazer management permission to speak to coach Rick Adelman (above) about Portland™s vacant coaching job, the Portland Tribune has learned ” and Adelman isn™t too happy about it.

œRick™s our coach. He™s been our coach the whole time here. He™s under contract, Petrie said.

Asked if the Blazers had contacted him about Adelman, Petrie said: œIt doesn™t matter. They wouldn™t have been given permission.
Blazer General Manager John Nash declined to comment.

Late last season, Sacramento owners Joe and Gavin Maloof exercised the option on Adelman™s contract, securing his services for the 2005-06 season. But after last season, the Maloofs admitted they had contacted Phil Jackson™s agent, Todd Musburger, to get a read on Jackson™s interest in the King job.

œThat™s incredible, Adelman says of his not being allowed to talk to the Blazers. œThat shocks me. Well, it doesn™t shock me, because they don™t want to be looking for a coach at this stage (of the summer).

œIf that™s true, it would upset me, especially after everything that has gone on. They can go out and talk to (Musburger), and then I™m not allowed to? I have a contract, so there™s not much I can do, but it™s upsetting.