…Darko Milicic is about to sign an extension with the Magic? So says the Denver Post’s Marc J. Spears.

In addition to Dwight Howard, the Magic also has one of the NBA’s top young point guards, Jameer Nelson, thanks to the Nuggets, who sent him to the Magic in a 2004 draft-day trade. Other young talent includes center Darko Milicic, guard Keyon Dooling and forward Trevor Ariza. Orlando has the 11th pick in the draft and will have $11 million to $13 million to spend on a sexy free-agent class of 2007.

Considering how well Milicic (above) played to finish the season, it would make sense to give him a contract extension this summer before competition arrives next year. Milicic’s agent, Marc Cornstein, said “if the economics work,” his client would like to sign an extension.

“Darko is very happy in Orlando,” Cornstein said. “This looks like a pretty ideal situation for him. He complements Dwight well. And the fact that Orlando could have these two in the frontcourt for the next 15 years playing together is a pretty exciting prospect.”

Surely I’m not the first person to have considered the easiest way James Dolan and Isiah Thomas can goad Larry Brown into violating his contract? Trade a bunch of future picks for Darko. The basketball results might be disappointing, but if the prospect of Milicic and Starbury on the same team isn’t enough to put Larry in intensive care, well, I’m out of ideas. Other than bringing in Allen Iverson, which according to Peter Vescey, is an option for someone else.

An attempted restructuring of the 76ers is in broad progress. Confronted with dwindling head counts, a failure to make the playoffs and a murky future, management is committed to rebuilding. In all likelihood, that means Allen Iverson will be sacrificed for reputable youth and numerous first-round draft picks, not a Kenyon Martin-type long-term contract.

The City of Brotherly Love still fervently feels Iverson. Still, more and more of its fans have stopped “paying” homage where it counts, at the gate. At the same time, strictly on account of A.I., the 76ers are the league’s second-biggest road draw.

Denver was intensely interested in acquiring Iverson (for the above mentioned package) at trading deadline this past February. Memphis and Atlanta would be foolish not to seize the opportunity and do whatever it takes to tempt the 76ers here and now. Meanwhile, Samuel Dalembert is definite to be relocated. Despite a fairly prohibitive contract, numerous teams continue to find the 7-footer appealing. Contrary to reports, the Grizzlies don’t have the slightest interest in the Jamaal Magloire, one year away from demanding unrealistic compensation for his pedestrian services.

I don’t know if Don Nelson is watching tonight’s Heat/Mavs game, but he might be interested in observing how the club he once helmed (albiet one with a markedly different makeup) has held Miami to 34 first half points. Shaquille O’Neal — whom a certain basketball cretin that I see in the mirror every morning said would be unstoppable in this series — has been outscored thus far by Keith Van Horn and outrebounded by Erick Dampier.

While Wizznutzz has inexplicably posted hotter-than-hell video footage of David Wells performing “Bite It You Scum”, column conspirator K. Gillespie of Brooklyn, USA submits something the kids like to call a “mash-up”, featuring the Sultan Of Sloth’s power pop smash “Don’t Talk To Me” in a shotgun marriage with a tune I don’t quite recognize (mp3). Paging Stephin Merritt!