Age Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Number

12 year sports blogger / media maven Alex Reimer gets a lot of grief around here, which is ironic considering my own history. There really isn’t a big difference between Alex’s youthful exploits and the sort of thing I was doing as a kid. OK, maybe there is some subtle distinction between being a nationally recognized sports commentator (Alex) and a shoplifter with poor grades (me). But who knows, maybe if I’d gotten a bit more encouragement from the adults I was annoying at the time, I might’ve become a shoplifter with good grades.

Anyhow, the point of this isn’t to give Alex more coverage — I hear that he’s trying to decide between the covers of Vanity Fair and Radar — but rather, to suggest that his achievments aren’t that big a deal. So a 12 year old is getting some publicity for his sports musings. Over in Kansas City, the Royals have an 11 year old starting against the Red Sox tonight. Beat that, Reimer!

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…or so Luis Polonia always claimed. Mel Antonen wrote in Wednesday’s USA Today about a trio of journeymen minor leaguers, all of whom are hoping that Being Washed Up is just a state of mind.

Brian Dallimore played nine minor league seasons before making the San Francisco Giants last year. He played 20 games, hit a grand slam and then, when the Giants needed his roster spot, they cut him ” on his birthday.

With a .478 average in the Cactus League, he has a chance to be the Giants’ utility infielder when they open April 5. Dallimore (above) was a Class AAA All-Star last season at Fresno and hit .352 to win the Pacific Coast League batting championship in 2003.

¢Luke Scott, Houston: Even though the Astros’ outfield competition was wide open at the start of spring training, Scott, 26 (above), who has never played a day in the majors, wasn’t a serious candidate.

Now he could be the Astros’ opening-day left fielder.

“Absolutely, he’s in the mix,” general manager Tim Purpura says. “He’s had tremendous at-bats against a lot of good pitching. Luke has come out of nowhere.”

Scott has 62 home runs in three minor league seasons.

¢Emil Brown ,Kansas City: As a non-roster player who hasn’t been in the majors since 2001, has hit five home runs this spring. A career .200 hitter with eight home runs in 209 games for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Diego Padres, Brown, 30 (above), is the favorite to be the Royals’ right fielder for their April 4 opener at the Detroit Tigers.

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