(we’re occasionally asked what happened to our bass player. Until he learns to respect the tools of his trade, he’s no longer welcome in the band)

America’s favorite guitar/drums + mysterious stack of small boxes duo return to the stage this evening as part of the Austin installment of the International Noise Conference. Said event, intended to highlight the vast cultural contributions of Miami, FL’s Laundry Room Squelchers, will take place tonight (Monday), at Austin’s venerable Emo’s Lounge.

I am sorry to say the Air Traffic Controllers will not be taking the stage until 1am. But I can promise you the nearly 6 dozen acts that will precede our appearance are only of the highest quality, and were it not for the Memphis/Kansas game, I would be watching each and every one of them with rapt attention.

Some of our newer recordings
have been posted at the Air Traffic Controllers MySpace page. We’ll continue to put new stuff up, either periodically or until the disappearing Parallelism website pops back to life, whichever comes first. I’ve written a letter to the United Nations about the Internet being broken, and I’m still awaiting a reply.