In addition to advocating his Braves break the bank to woo back Tom Glavine (despite Dave O’Brien’s view that Glavine’s likely to remain a Met), the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Jeff Shultz is almost as hard on Bill Parcells as he is on Heather Mills (“let’s just say Yoko Ono is BCS eligible by comparison,”)

After New York dismembered Dallas on Monday night, Bill Parcells said, œI™m ashamed to put a team out there that played like that. It almost made you feel sorry for him. OK. I™m kidding.

If any Hall of Fame coach ever deserved to end his career immersed in a pool of slime and woe, it™s Parcells. His, œI™m done. OK, beg me to come back, act grew old years ago. He hasn™t won a playoff game since 1998. And he committed sports™ unpardonable sin: Negotiating with one team (New York Jets) while coaching another in the Super Bowl (New England). Sir, we have a nice table waiting for you in Hades.

Full credit to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Mac Engel, for recalling the 1983 QB controversy that took place in the Meadowlands when Jeff Rutledge’s legion of supporters faced off against Scott Brunner’s Big Blue Army.  OK, perhaps it didn’t really go down like that, but either way, Drew Bledsoe’s pissed.  He’s also an immobile, turnover-machine when under heavy pressure, so what does he expect?

Shawne Merriman
, Angry Samoans fan.

The league today confirmed plans to play two regular season games outside of the U.S. (one in Canada and/or Mexico, another in Europe) starting in 2007.  There’s no single prospect nearly as grim for the state of America’s relations around the world as Jeremy Shockey as our cultural ambassador.