Hard to pick the more ghastly highlight from Monday evening, Was it Boston’s Mark Bellhorn and Trot Nixon (above) doing their finest impersonation of. well, the New York Yankees fielders, with mind-blowing gaffes that allowed Cleveland to run roughshod over Bronson Arroyo — Bellhorn dropping a throw that shall we say, hit him the in the bad part of the glove (ie. right inside it), while Nixon turned a 7th inning deep fly by Grady Sizemore into a 2 run HR when the Boston right-fielder knocked the ball into the Indians’ bullpen.

(how many games for slugging your own skipper in the back?)

Or was it twitchy Orioles reliever Steve Kline’s 8th inning balk, putting the Yankees’ Jorge Posada in scoring position…and leaving Kline in line for a probable suspension after Mr. Formerly Filthy Cap when nuclear on home plate umpire Marty Foster (above).

The 2005 Kevin Brown Shit For Brains Award goes to Kenny Rogers of the Texas Rangers, due to miss his next start after busting a bone in his non-pitching hand while punching a water cooler. I’m weary of seeing frustrated pitchers demolish defenseless water coolers. And why couldn’t Kenny take a swing at another inanimate object, like say, Buck Showalter?

Reader B. Hogg from Decauter, GA wants to know when I’ll have something to say about Andruw Jones’ recent exploits. The Braves center fielder has carried his club over the past month and with all due respect to Derek Lee, Cliff Floyd and Dontrelle Willis, is a legit MVP candidate. So presuming you actually follow the Braves, what else is there to say other than, “it’s about time”? Haven’t you been waiting for this kind of breakout season from Jones for what, 9 years?