Dusty Baker on Joe Borowski in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times :

Manager Dusty Baker was asked point-blank Sunday about whether right-handed reliever Joe Borowski was at risk to be a roster cut when Kerry Wood is activated Wednesday off the disabled list to start that day against Milwaukee.

His reply should be less than comforting to Borowski.

œYou can™t really say at this point about anybody, Baker said. œThey™re still here. How would you like to hear that your job is in any kind of jeopardy while you™re still in the job?

œYou got to wait until these things happen rather than forseeing something bad happening before it happens. I can™t really answer that question.

Responds Ben Schwartz,

Dusty is reaching Donald Rumsfeldian levels of precise imprecision in his language these days, and all anybody asked him is will Joe Borowski be cut? Exactly what is Dusty trying to avoid by Wednesday? That Joe might choke before a big game that He’s Not In? Btw, “in” the job v. “on” the job?

That said, with Wood coming back into the line-up, this going to be the Cubs best shot at picking games to better lock in the wild card. It’s possible that something could happen between the all-Star break and October with the Cards, but I’m not counting on it.