In a development that should seriously limit CSTB’s future traffic (if number of incoming searches for Jackie Christie is accurate), the Mavericks’ perpetually henpecked Doug Christie is expected to retire.

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Art Garcia.

The Mavericks explained the signing of Doug Christie (above, right) as low risk with the potential for a high reward.

Well, so much for the reward. Christie’s career with the Mavs has all but come to an end after playing in seven games because of lingering ankle problems.

The team doesn’t expect him back, and his retirement could be forthcoming. The Mavs are awaiting word from Christie’s agent on the veteran guard’s plans.

The Trail Blazers were so fed up with Ruben Patterson’s supposedly shitty attitude following last Sunday’s loss to the Knicks, the enigmatic forward was sent home in the middle of the road trip. Since then, Portland has suspended Patterson for a further two games, and much like Terrell Owens, he’s wondering if the team shouldn’t just cut him loose.

Ruben Patterson couldn’t believe what he was hearing Wednesday: After being told Monday to leave the Trail Blazers, the team now said it was going to suspend him for two games.

“For what?” an incredulous Patterson said Wednesday from his home in Columbus, Ohio. “They are the ones who told me to go home, so I went home. They are the ones who put me on the inactive list. I don’t know what else to do. I mean, since they ain’t going to play me, why don’t they just trade me?”

Patterson, who stands to lose $115,512 in salary, said he will file an appeal with the players association. He said Sunday’s incident is being blown out of proportion.

“I didn’t cuss Nate (McMillan) out like everybody thinks,” Patterson said. “I did go at it with Nate, and I used some swear words, but I didn’t cuss him out.”

Patterson said he cussed out assistant coach Monty Williams, who interjected during Patterson’s rant at McMillan.

“But me and Monty cleared it up afterward, we’re cool.”

John Nash said past disciplinary actions taken by the Blazers were used in determining the suspension, which mirrors the penalty levied upon Darius Miles last season for cursing coach Maurice Cheeks and the one given Bonzi Wells for a 2003 altercation with Cheeks.

“That makes me even more mad,” Patterson said. “This is the same thing that happened to Darius, and they didn’t even take no money from Darius — zero, none, zero.”

All of this Portland talks reminds me that I neglected to watch the Purina National Dog Show earlier today. How did Qyntel Woods’ entry fare?