At the risk of (once again) treading on Paul Lukas’ territory, I link to an item from WSC‘s Cameron Carter in which he considers the bizarre club crest of MFK Ruzomberok (“clearly, the message in these images, intelligible to all nationalities, is: ‘If your ball comes crashing over the fence into my prize dahlias again, I am going to puncture it with something spiky from the shed.'”)

Football-over-fence disputes are notoriously complex legally and consequently are often settled out of court by the owner of the flower bed marching off with the ball to a private execution chamber. One in five plastic footballs purchased in Europe disappear in this manner. It is an obscure choice of message to have emblazoned upon your player’s chest, but possibly warns them, on a subconscious level, of the folly of lofting the ball forward hopefully, especially against technically adept opposition that do not readily give away possession.