Milton Bradley’s only 30 years old, and hit 22 home runs, drove in 77 and hit .321 with an OBP of .436 in 414 at bats for Texas in 2008. Deemed unworthy of a multi-year pact by the Rangers, Bradley signed a 3-year, $30 million contract with the Cubs today, and along with the Sun-Times’ Neil Hayes acknowledging the OF/DH’s “anger management issues”, the ticking timebomb left handed hitter was characterized diplomatically as “not an ideal addition.”

His temper may not be just what the Cubs need. He may give the Cubs the left-handed punch in the middle of the lineup that they desperately seek, but he™s just as likely to go Michael Barrett the first time Zambrano questions his defense. At this point, nobody knows how this forced marriage will end.This much we do know: Mark DeRosa was sent packing in part to make room for Bradley. De Rosa was a versatile, valuable and clutch player for the Cubs last season. His departure, when combined with the loss of long-time clubhouse anchor Kerry Wood and the addition of Bradley, radically alters chemistry that has proven successful ” at least during the regular season.

Nobody can say the Cubs aren™t trying. With their latest move, they hope they acquired the missing piece of the postseason puzzle, and who™s to say they haven™t?

Hey, if it’s regular season credentials Hayes is concerned with, Moody Milton’s clubhouse presence didn’t stop the Dodgers or A’s from winning division titles in ’04 and ’06 respectively.  As of this writing, he has exactly as many World Series rings as DeRosa and Wood combined.  There’s obviously an element of risk in discarding a player as versatile as DeRosa, but if Bradley can stay healthy, he’s a genuine upgrade.

There’s no truth to the rumor, however, they’re installing airline cockpit doors on the entry to WGN’s TV booth at Wrigley.