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[La Russa resigns with Stl for 14th concussive consecutive season]

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is continuity,” [John] Mozeliak said. “When you look at how long our staff as been together, even though we’ve had a front office change, it’s something to be proud of. It’s a strength of this organization that it’s been able to have a coaching staff in place for over 10 years.” — from today’s St. Louis-Post Dispatch.

Indeed, consistency is a Tony La Russa hallmark.  83 games won him a World Series and 86 games got him a 4th place finish in 2008.  If St. Louis fans want another mid-80s game win season, they’ve resigned the right team. The Cardinal organization has decided to bring back Tony La Russa for a 14th season, along with his entire coaching staff.  That means more player head injuries ignored, and frustrated, emotionally driven feuds between La Russa and guys he should never have let go, like Rog’s fave, Jim Edmonds.

In other Card news, scout Chuck Fick will move up to major league scouting duties for the team.  Normally, scouting promotions are not covered on CSTB.  Then again, most scouts don’t have names as entertaining as Chuck Fick’s.  Watch this space for any and all Chuck Fick news, Chuck Fick scouting discoveries, Chuck Fick incidents involving mistakenly transposed vowels, Fick’s son and Cardinal pitching prospect, Chuckie Fick, or any time a Cardinal story needs a gratuitous funny name thrown in.  In 2009, make CSTB your one-stop for Chuck Fick news.  Or, as I like to call them, your Chuck Fix. Joe Strauss of the Stl Post-Dispatch (sounds like they still get their news by pony express down there) reports the whole thing here, with plenty of mentions of Chuck Fick.