(merely because Jason Bay is used to illustrate this item doesn’t mean he’s been trashing employers)

NY Magazine’s “Workplace Confidential” has featured anonymous gripes from persons including, but not limited to, NYC journalists, a bikini waxer, and a waiter from Per Se. If you thought any of them had it tough, spare a thought for the unidentified member of the New York Mets, who complains, “Who do we have that’s going to beat Stephen Strasburg or Cliff Lee? Who’s going to match up against Tim Hudson or Tommy Hanson? We won’t even be able to beat Mark Buehrle.”

You know what I think when I read about the Mets nowadays? We’ve become the Oakland A’s. We’re the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our fans deserve better than that. You can’t possibly build a dynasty when you’re cutting costs left and right. The only way to turn it around is to sell the team.

People ask me all the time about the Madoff controversy. How much did the Wilpons know? My heart wants to believe Fred wasn’t in on the scheme, that there’s no way he would take that big of a gamble. The part of me that likes Fred thinks he just got taken advantage of. But there’s a flip side that I can’t ignore: No one makes that much money without knowing where it’s coming from.

I feel bad for the fans because they deserve so much better. But I also feel bad for some of the guys who’ve gotten a raw deal. That’s one thing I can say about the front office—they don’t show a lot of loyalty.

Look at what happened to Mookie Wilson: He just got fired. Mookie went to the wall for the organization, but they still canned him. Look at Ken Oberkfell. Guy puts in twelve years with the organization; next thing you know, he’s been fired. No explanation. Those are the little things that tell you what direction a team is going in. People around the game hear about this stuff. They talk about it: “What’s happening to the Mets?” It depresses the hell out of me because I don’t think it’s going to improve until 2014 at the earliest. It’s going to be hard to ask the fans to sit through two brutal seasons, even though there’s some talent coming through the system.

While we’re free to speculate who might be the author of the above missive, chances are, R.A. Dickey has been far too busy with more foolish noble pursuits