From Reuters.

A German man drank too much, wet his bed and set fire to his apartment while trying to dry his bedding, police in the western town of Muelheim said on Monday.

œHe was too drunk to go to the toilet, said a police spokesman. œThe next morning he put a switched-on hair dryer on the bed to dry it and left the apartment. When the 60-year-old returned, his home and belongings were in flames.

Firemen eventually put out the blaze.

Didn’t know that Will Leitch had family in Muellheim? Me neither. Though it was very impressive to learn today that Will’s finally found the time to check out Flea’s basketball blog, much as Leitch’s immodesty in touting his own Sunday Times appearance was more notable for what wasn’t revealed. ie. that the author of said Bill Simmons profile is the frequent recipient of links from Leitch for his own book-touting blog, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer. Little things like full disclosure aren’t that big of a deal at Gawker Media or the New York Times, but as long as both parties are making each other happy, that’s all that really matters.