A lesson for us all from former NBA journeyman and Cincinnati Bearcats star Corie Blount: if you’re gonna send drugs through the US Postal Service, it’s surely best to stay within the limits of the Priority Mail flat rate box. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Butler County authorities arrested Blount after he accepted a U.S. Postal Service delivery of 11 pounds of marijuana at a Liberty Township property he owns. They followed Blount to his home nearby and arrested him. There, they found 18 more pounds of pot.

Drug-sniffing dogs found the dope even though it was enveloped in mustard, plastic wrap and fragrant clothes-dryer sheets, police said. The drugs came from an undisclosed location in California, and authorities there are investigating, officials said.

In addition to the pot, police confiscated $29,500 in cash, a Mercedes-Benz, a Cadillac Escalade, a Chevrolet Suburban and three guns – one of them an SKS assault rifle, said Butler County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Hackney….

As jailers photographed Blount, they granted his request to remove the UC-themed sweat shirt he was wearing. Blount didn’t want the UC logo to appear in his mug shot and further embarrass his alma mater, Jones said. Blount was photographed in a green polo shirt instead.

Yeah, we wouldn’t want to embarass the University of Cincinnati.