While not quite Fire Joe Morgan, or even Heave The Hawk, Shut Up Tim McCarver
is another example of the angry interwebber in action, as profiled by the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s Mike Bernadino.

The man behind the site is Thomas Baiter, a 32-year-old advertising supervisor for a New York cable network. It all began during the 2004 American League playoffs after Baiter and his friends heard “one too many McCarverisms.”

“I mentioned to a friend how it would be pretty funny to dedicate a Web site to skewering this guy,” Baiter wrote in an e-mail message. “I figured we couldn’t be the only people in America yelling at their TVs after some of the things he said.”

Baiter, who has never heard from McCarver or any of his representatives, also sponsors McCarver’s page on baseball-reference.com and, with the playoffs in full swing, reports that “traffic is really climbing again.”

Baiter says he grew up listening to McCarver on Mets broadcasts and enjoyed his work then but has been put off by McCarver’s devolution to a “suck-up and a generalist.”