“As a father, I’d be embarrassed to have a MySpace page,” insisted ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd (above) during his Thursday broadcast. Declaring those who waste their time on such trival matters to be “irrelevent…with irrelevent careers,” Cowherd stated with some authority that “no adult who is any sort of a player would be on MySpace,” comparing those who frequent such sites to “the sort of person who drinks 14 beers and pukes at a Hawks game, or someone throwing batteries at an Eagles game.”

Much as I hate to publicly disagree with a morning host whose grip on the cultural zeitgeist barely extends past disc one of ‘Buzz Ballads’, Cowherd is, as usual, hopelessly, out of touch and full of shit for a living. Gilbert Arenas isn’t a player? Scott Schafer isn’t happening? Jessica Hopper, “irrelevent”?

Still, there was some slight qualification in Cowherd’s hate fest. “Now, if you’re a record company executive,” he reasoned, “I suppose you have a good reason to be on MySpace.”