…there’s a bunch of jerks running the show at the Nu Stadium. And while that really shouldn’t pass for news, the Daily News’ resident Gallagher lookalike considers himself the last line of defense between the fans and overwrought Yankee hyperbole (“Why dwell on the collection of high rollers, separated by a concrete moat from the heathens who can only afford $400 tickets, when you can write about Nick Swisher’s DJ stylings, the Yankees’ kangaroo court, the suddenly loose Joe Girardi, Johnny Damon’s toy wrestling belt and back-to-back-to-back home runs?”)

Monday, following the Yankees 7-6 win over Minnesota, John Gordon (above, left), the radio voice of the Twins and former Yankees broadcaster, attempted to get on the team bus parked in a tunnel underneath the Stadium. Security personnel blocked his path and would not let him enter.

When Gordon informed them he was a Twins broadcaster (this is his 23rd season) and presented a proper credential, he was told to take a hike. He still couldn’t get on the bus. Security informed Gordon he needed to be “escorted” on by the team. Gordon headed back to the Twins clubhouse where some of the player’s wives, who were on the road trip, had congregated. They asked Gordon if he could help them gain entry to the bus. Stadium security had bum-rushed the ladies, too.

So, Gordon and the wives were forced to wait about an hour before the players left the clubhouse and walked them all on to the bus.

Nonetheless it seems security does not take the same rigid stance with everyone – like ESPN’s mouthy Chris Berman. Monday, he was seen walking around the Yankees clubhouse like he owned the place. Berman was big-timing to the max, strolling into areas clearly marked “no media allowed beyond this point.” Perhaps Berman thought the sign did not apply to him because it did not read “no clowns allowed beyond this point.”