From the San Diego Union-Tribune (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

New Padres second baseman Marcus Giles was handcuffed, detained and escorted from Qualcomm Stadium during Sunday’s Chargers playoff game after getting involved in a fight on the stadium’s club level, according to police.

Giles, 28, was given the option of returning after being detained but chose to leave, said San Diego Police Lt. Dan Christman. Giles does not face charges for the incident.

Christman said Giles and a friend were involved in a fight with at least one other person, who slipped away before being caught.

While I’m pleased to read at that Endy Chavez has received a healthy raise for 2007, thumbs up to historian Marty Noble for recalling that Jeff Innis “In The Morning” lost his arbritration case in 1992. Noble mentioned the same case the last time Ramon Castro signed a one-year deal, so perhaps these two Mets icons will forever be linked in baseball/negotiating lore. As long as Castro keeps coming back, anyway.