Wednesday AM’s award for Just Not Giving A Fuck goes to Rivalfish, who claim to have obtained a handwritten note from Jason and Joumana’s eldest child, Trey.

I know you have seen me before. You know how people always tell their friends that their children are œadorable? Well, no one does that for me. Instead, most people recoil in horror. I have a gigantic cranium for a child my size. I weigh 60 pounds and at least 86 percent of it is in my head. I mean, just look at me. For a while, people thought that there might be something wrong with my massive head. It turns out that with all the fists flying at my house, I was bound to get in the crossfire of a few haymakers, which in turn leads to cranial swelling and the orange on the end of toothpick look that I have sported for the better part of 8 years.

I am really sad that mommy and daddy couldn™t stop fighting. Most of their arguments came about based on his poor shooting percentage and his limited his ability to take his team to the championship. That, and the fact that he is a wife-beater and she is a crazy bitch. By the way, does anybody else find it weird that a career 33 % 3-point shooter named his child Trey?